Interlocking Sports
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100% recyclable high density polypropylene

Product Features
  1. Resilient surface for high impact sports
  2. Multi-purpose
  3. Extreme durability and consistent performance for life of court
  4. Easy installation and movement(no adhesive required) > > E.g It can be installed directly over the concrete, asphalt or any other hard and flat surface
  5. Slip resistant,Force reduction
  6. Low maintenance and years warranty
  7. Satisfactory shock absorption
  8. Best friction coefficient
  9. Best bounce capacity
  10. Special design for water drainage
  11. Anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet radiation
  12. Simple requirement for the ground
  13. Easy access to base beneath
  14. Can be 100% recyclable, do not contain any toxic elements or any smell
  15. Safety and environmentally-friendly
  16. All-weather and performance-driven
  17. Extremely abrasion resistant
  18. Consistent elasticity
  19. High durability even with intensive use
  20. Non-fade
  21. Special manufacturing process reduces smell
Design for all-weather, using the high-strength impact polypropylene unique suspended systems
The right side of interlocking system provide the level Cushioning Performance
907 strong support structure, provide Vertical Cushioning Performance

  1. Never step on the floor with athletic shoes with nails and high-heeled shoes in order to protect the athletes from injure.
  2. In order to avoid damages, never knock the flooring violently with sharp objects.
  3. Never splash the corrosive liquids like sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid on the flooring in order to avoid any corrosion.
  4. Try to clearing the snow immediately after snowing; and do not let the snow pile up for a long time on the flooring in order to avoid affection on usage.
  5. Rinse the flooring with water frequently in order to maintain the cleanness.
Tennis Court Volleyball Court Futsal Court
Suitable Area: Basketball Court, Volleyball Court, Tennis Court, Futsal Court, Handball Court, Gymnasium, Inline Hockey, Garage, Kindergarden, Amusement Park, Playground, Parking Court, Corridor