Vi+Plus Luxury Rigid Core

Product Structure

1. Floshield PU

With our transparent high quality PU coating, cross-linked polyurethane reinforcement and UV cured to provide superior cleaning benefits and life-cycle maintenance savings. It also impedes the growth of micro organisms, thus providing long term protection from bacteria, fungi and mildew.

2. High Performance Wear Layer

Superior wear layer with its embossed and textured surface create high durability and abrasion resistance to withstand scratch and stain to protect the decoration of the design films.

3. Authentic printed film design

High definition and cutting-edge design printing technology makes the floor appearance more attractive, realistic and natural.


Floshield PU


High Performance Wear Layer


Authentic printed film design


Hybrid Rigid Core


UNILIN Locking System


Underlayment (IXPE)

The extruded core engineered in the hybrid layered construction made from limestone, a lower concentration of PVC and no foaming agents, resulting in a thinner, denser, and sturdier core to combine the best attributes providing protection from moisture, dents, scratches and stains. It comes with highly realistic and appealing detail beautifully resemble the warm appearance of natural hardwood and stone while mitigate the inherent vulnerabilities.

4. Hybrid Rigid Core

Extruded non-foaming compact PVC structural core containing limestone offers better dimension stability and flexibility. The waterproof main component is composed of wear-resistance layer, mineral stone powder and polymer powder so it won’t ripple, swell or peel. It can be installed on any grade level.

5. UNILIN Locking System

Best technical performances with fast and simple installation. Strong locking and seamless joint.

6. Underlayment (IXPE)

With optional 1.0mm/1.5mm thickness IXPE as underlay effectively reduce sound transmission and
enhanced underfoot comfort feel.

Product Features

Easy & Fast Installation

Removable Floor

Indentation Resistant

100 % Water Poof


Dimension Stability

Super Durable Abrasion

Acoustical Value

Formaldehyde Free

Fire Proof

Termite Guard

R10 Anti-Slip

Realistic Visual

Anti Bacteria

Stain Resistant

Anti Cigarette Burning

Bathroom Area

Easy Maintenance