Florenza Woven Vinyl  
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Technical information:
Woven Vinyl Flooring - 94% PVC, 5% Polyester, 1% Fiberglass
Suitable for: Residential, Retailing, Education Centers, Hotels, Cinemas, Ballrooms, Galleries, Showrooms, Event Halls, Studios and Corporate Offices
Formulated to minimize static electricity generated from walking on most carpeting, Florenza Woven Vinyl flooring solutions provide effective protection against unpleasant shocks.
Good quality thermal insulation can dramatically improve the comfort of a room. Unlike hard flooring, Woven Vinyl flooring offers warmth for greater well- being and energy savings.
The woven structure naturally prevents slipping, making it particularly appropriate for public buildings where safety standards often determine the materials decorators can use.
Florenza Woven Vinyl flooring has excellent flame resistance. Our products have been successfully tested and certified in accordance with European (EN 13501-1) fire safety standard.
Moisture is not a problem for Woven Vinyl flooring. It is waterproof, rotproof and ultra-stable. It is perfectly suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
It is available in a wide range of colours. Moreover it is solution dyed, meaning that the colour is created in the solution before the fibres are extruded. This provides the ultimate long lasting colour and unsurpassed colour life against fading.
Cleaning time is minimal. Basic cleaning can be done with a vacuum, broom and warm water mixed with a neutral detergent.
Woven Vinyl flooring was designed to resist stains by not absorbing liquids and thus making spills quick and easy to clean.
Its durability makes it a good choice for high traffic hotels, apartments, commercial and of course residential applications.
It feels like real textile and provides a soft and comfortable feeling.
It can be used indoors or outdoors according to your desires.
It is sound absorbing so you will enjoy the sound of silence at work or rest.
It is flame resistant and it has much better anti-slip properties than a wooden or marble floor. It can be used unbacked where appropriate or backed for strength and better anti-slip characteristics, or treated for special applications. The backings can be used to create more durable, flame resistant fabrics with different degrees of breathability. The vinyl’s DNA is antibacterial.
The innovative vinyl floor material designed to make you feel comfortable. The total production process uses low temperatures and nearly zero water. All excess material created during production can be recycled. Because, we care about the environment as much as we care for your convenience.
Pattern Design Code Roll/2m Width Tiles/Shapes
Thickness/mm Weight kg/m2 Thickness/mm Weight kg/m2
Linen 10 2.50 3.05 3.00 3.85
Twill 20 2.80 3.15 3.30 3.95
Rattan 30 2.60 2.95 3.10 3.75
Cane 40 2.75 3.05 3.25 3.85
Bamboo 50 2.65 3.10 3.15 3.90
Herringbone 60 2.75 3.05    
Sisal 70 2.70 3.05 3.20 3.85
Geometric 80     3.15 3.95
Marble 90     3.15 3.95
Stripe 11 2.70 3.05