Hardwood Flooring

Product Structure

1. Multiple protective layer with UV coating

Up to seven (7) protective layers of UV-cured acrylic lacquer finishing.

2. Solid wood layer

The exclusive hardwood top layer is available in many different species and patterns. Our premium range is cut with renowned German tech “double knife” technique with highest precision.

3. Reinforcement of real wood core layer

Ecological supporting layer to enhance strength and dimensional stability with moisture resistance High-Density core.


Multiple protective layer with UV coating


Solid wood layer


Reinforcement of real wood core layer


Veneer backing

4. Veneer backing

Base layer with added dimensional stability structure

Product Features

Greater strength and dimensional stability particularly in variable temperature and humidity.

High-end and luxurious appearance.

Superior durability to withstand daily wear and tear.

Available in variety range of species, grades and finishes.

Easy to clean as wood naturally do not accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, and debris.

Hygienic and healthier flooring given its organic origin do not attract allergens, or mold that cause allergies.

Fast and ease of installation with our pre finished surfaces.

Guarantees perfect joints between boards on four sides and reduces the risk of splitting between boards.

Convenient way to have a real timber floor which required no grinding and varnishing.

Comfortable and warmth underfoot wooden floor.

Better choice for installation over radiant heat sources, over concrete whether it’s below grade or above.

Termite resistance with non-hazardous treatment in between layers of the veneer.