Laminate Flooring

Product Structure

1. Solid Overlay Protection

The uppermost solid over layer protect against wear and tear and the design layer. The highclarity surface with UV coating is composed of special synthetic resin-treated cellulose to give the floor a tough and durable surface to withstand stain, abrasion, fading and heat. It‘s advancedembossed technique exhibit the elegant andsensation of wood texture.

2. High Definition Decorative  Layer

The high technology special ink printing from Europe delivers sharp resolution and excellence quality of decorative layer by ensuring high colour intensity, non-fading, consistent colour distribution and natural tones gives the laminate flooring a realistic and exotic wood appearance.

3. Premium ultra-dense Core board 

The main floorboard structure is a hard wooden composite core which made of (HDF) high density fiber board. Our core board optimal density comply with EN 323 : 1993 is very reliable for lock systems and moisture resistance, therefore offering increased protection against edge swelling.


Solid Overlay Protection


HD Decorative Layer


Premium Ultra-dense Core Board


Backing Film Layer


Vapo Guard Protection


Välinge Locking System

4. Backing Film Layer

The balance watertight layer at the base on the back of the HDF core that improves the structural stability and serves as a moisture barrier. All layers are permanently bonded with resin, heat and using high technology pressure system which tested to be safe and low formaldehyde emission according to EN 717-1:2004 with class E1 result.

5. VapoGuard Protection

Florenza’s VapoGuard system combines moisture resistant core materials with added hydrophobic seal on strong and tight click joint to protect the floor board from any splashes and spills. Theadditional coating repels water, so planks canresist swelling when moisture attack.

6. Välinge Locking System

High technology of world’s first mechanical locking system by combining angling and snapping which joined strongly together to make a single flat surface. Mechanical joint strength is in excess of 6,800N (700kg/m) making it high performance and long lastingflooring with minimum squeaking sound and halt water from permeating.

Product Features

Termite resistant

Fire resistant

Easy installation

Moisture resistant

Cigarette burn resistant

UV resistant

Impact resistant

Scratch resistant

Stain resistant