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Floven | Florenza Flooring

Flowen – Luxury Woven Vinyl

Product Structure

  1. Woven vinyl – Solid warp and weft woven vinyl surface which no coating is required when after installation. The polyester filament at the core of every reinforced yarn provides remarkable resistance to abrasion and long-lasting.
  2. Core layer – Encapsulated in high quality PVC which also give acoustical properties.
  3. Fiberglass layer – Tough and sturdy non-woven fiberglass layer which strengthens the core, eliminating expansion and contraction.
  4. High Density Base layer – High density foam backing layer that stabilizes the structure and also adds additional acoustical value.

Technical information:
Woven Vinyl Flooring – 94% PVC, 5% Polyester, 1% Fiberglass


1. Woven Layer

Decorative solid Woven Vinyl. Stretched and shrunk to size. Minimal expansion/contraction.


2. Core Layer

Heated liquid poured layer that melts to the woven layer. Also has acoustical properties.


3. Fiberglass Layer

Non woven fiberglass cloth which strengthens the core, eliminating expansion/contraction.


4. Base Core Layer

Base layer that stabilizes the structure and also adds additional acoustical value.

Product Features

Unique design with woven texture – multiple colour twisted yarns provide light and shade creating lively atmosphere and harmonious effects. It feels like real textile and provides a soft and comfortable feeling.

Fray resistant – Florenza Premium Woven Vinyl products are made with new weaving technique where warp and weft are welded in order to give more dimensional stability. As a result the product will not fray or unravel on the edges.

Revolutionary fabric flooring – The robust material lets you enjoy the beauty of textile and weavewithout any flaws. It resists flattening or compaction of the yarn and incredibly durable while minimising the appearance of frayed and loose fibres along cuts and joins unlike some other fabric floorcoverings.

Quick, easy installation – Replacing damaged area is as simple as installing a tile or plank. Repairs can be made seamlessly and with ease.

Non-slip surface – The woven structuredesigned with material properties to help reduce slipperiness and increase traction, making it particularly appropriate for any commercial application, providing an extra level of safety.

Extremely durable – This product collection is being crafted by sophisticated machine to be the best performing material possible in all environments. From being resistant to scratching and fading, to being rated for heavy commercial traffic.

100% waterproof – The ultra-stablesurface is impermeable to water making them suitable for wet and humid areas or even an outdoor area.

Low maintenance – Relatively easy and only require minimal cleaning where basic cleaning can be done with a vacuum, broom and warm water mixed with a neutral detergent.

Stain resistant – It resist stains by not absorbing liquids and thus making spills quick and easy to clean. Stains and soil can be simply wipe clean with just water and a rag or towel. It can also be mopped, vacuumed and hot water extracted.