Luxury Vinyl Sheet

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Vinyl sheet is more than a floor covering which required professionalism and technique to ensure that it is laid at the right place with the right method to enhance its performance and functionality. Our vinyl sheet comes in large, continues, flexible roll. The surface finishes is completely impermeable to water, seamless, hard-wearing and resilience. FLORENZA vinyl sheet category comprises of sophisticated decorated surface in different shades and glares;


Homogenous – compact single layer that offers vibrancy and depth of colour in directional and non-directional type. Extremely durable and stain resistant for heavy traffic areas that require low maintenance.


Heterogeneous – multi-layer include top layer with enormous pattern and appealing design offering long-lasting performance and ease of maintenance. It has optional added properties include acoustic, anti-slip and anti-fatigue.


ESD – special formulated layer where carbon-encapsulated granules are included throughout the whole thickness and attached with conductive backing to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) related damage.


Sports – Reinforced with special fiber glass layer cushioned by closed-cell foam backing. Comprehensive physical properties to follow international sports federations’ guidelines and regulations. Perfect solutions for indoor multi sports performance that adhere to EN 14904 include shock absorption, superior ball bouncing, vertical deformation, sliding effect and indentation resistance.


Product Features

1. Heavy-duty

Urethane wear layer treated with aluminum oxide cured by ultra-violet UV process safeguard the surfaces and provides exceptional wear resistance, stain resistance, and abrasion resistance for high traffic area.
Excellent PUR coating – polyurethane reinforcement cross linked offers superior appearance with extensive range that features array of trend colours, unique pattern and design.

2. Hygienic

Integrated silver particles provide 24/7
anti-microbial protective shield which inhibit bacteria, germs and mold growth.
Non-porous hydrophobic and seamless surfaces protect against common allergens to eliminate stains and odors.

4. Acoustic

Provides better solution for contact-acoustic reducing flooring by having lower level impact noise recorded in an emission room. Special soft foam backing with a sound absorbent co-efficient of between 15dB and 20dB.

5. Creative

Trendy and broad series of stunning, radiant and vibrant in full spectrum of palette design. Variety of colour gradients and patterns containing ‘flakes’ and ‘chips’ and even natural timber effect finishes able to create a stylish and innovative atmosphere that stimulate ones creativity and inspiration, whilst retaining the great performance and functionality of the floor.

6. Anti-static

Insulated with anti-static agent during production process ensures this function can achieve static dissipative and static conductive flooring to control the resistance value at 104<Ω<106 and 106<Ω<109v under SJ/T 11236-2001.