Product Structure


Anti-slippery pattern


UV Protection


Wooden Fibres




Vertical reinforcement


Canals for the clamp

Product Features

Timeless Wood Beauty

Relish the touch of nature with elegant wood grain texture from the highest quality composition which does not rot or decay.

Easy Maintenance. Saving Time and Money

Low maintenance unlike the wooden ones which requires no painting, oil-coating or other treatment. They are colour-fast and stain-resistant.

Safe Hardwearing Surface

The hardwearing surface is anti-slip finish and it is splinters free to avoid any risk of injury.

Outdoor Heavy-duty and Long-lasting

FLORENZA decking resist whims of weather include rain and sun thus against fading with its UV stabilize character.

Moisture & Thermal Resistant

Exceptional scratch, crack and split resistant. The dimensional stability protect against moisture and temperature. It does not warp or rot and is resistant to sea-water or pool-water.

Mold and Insects Resistant

Does not attract insects which also prevent termite attacks.

Fire Resistant

Successfully tested and certified in accordance with European fire safety standard. It has
excellent flame resistance.